Mt4 Realtime Data feed for All Segment With Zero Delay Live XPO Server Data feed

Realtime Live Mt4 Data Feeds For All Segments Equity Commodity Comex Forex Crypto International Markets

Refund Policy

You may be Eligible for a refund or cancellation in the following cases.
We offer a free or paid trial for anyone interested in our services. We strongly recommend trying our product before subscribing. We Do not Have Refund Policy of Feed Related Services. All The Feed Related Services is the Third Party Product of Metaquotes and Or Any Data Services provided. We are not Responsible for any issues that may arise from the Data Vendor, such as Data Delays, Disconnections, Interruptions, Permanent Data Failures, or any other Data-Related Problems.

Refund/Cancellation will not be entertained in the following cases:-
Once the software is installed and activated on the client's system, the subscription cannot be canceled or refunded under any circumstances.
If the service is unavailable due to power failures, internet issues, server problems, or factors beyond our control.
If there are problems with your telecom service provider (ISP).
If the software doesn't function properly due to operating system updates, conflicts with other products, or hardware limitations.
If you're unable to use the service for personal reasons.
If issues occur due to firewall or proxy settings blocking our service.
Please note that these terms are subject to change and it's important to review the latest terms and conditions before proceeding with the trial or subscription.